Coconuts + Salty Kisses is an inspiring online destination for the everyday girl in search of wellness advice, happiness hacks, delicious recipes and plenty of inspirational quotes…because who doesn’t love a little ball of inspo every day!

We’re here to help you feel healthy from the inside out, boost your happiness and help guide you to balance a beautiful lifestyle.





    With a deep passion for promoting wellness and a slight obsession with the ocean, Joey founded Coconuts + Salty Kisses in 2014 to provide a haven for those in search of health and wellness advice, plus a little extra bit of everyday inspiration. What started off as a personal blog, has grown to a global wellness community and now a health news site with the introduction of The Health Scoop in 2017.

    Joey also works full time as a Marketing Director and is a qualified yoga instructor (and eternal yoga student). She is extremely passionate about wellness, photography, entrepreneurship, and helping women to live the best life possible.

    “Happiness is a journey, not a destination"

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    Shari has been a professional writer for more than fifteen years and her favourite ideas are those she’s always working through in her own life: healthy living, mental wellbeing, physical fitness, good skincare, solid relationships, invigorating travel, restorative time with nature, higher productivity and day-to-day happiness. Shari lives in Florida, just minutes from the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico — and although she’s never mastered the laptop-in-the-sand approach, you can usually find a notebook and pen in her beach bag.


    Nicola Christoforos - WRITER

    Nicola was born in Sydney, but found love in Kythira, Greece. She's a writer who loves anything to do with fashion, food and flowers. #alliteration.

    If Paris were a person, she'd marry it.


    We are always on the look out for people with a passion for health, wellness and travel to contribute to Coconuts + Salty Kisses. If that means you, we'd love to hear from you at joey@coconutsandsaltykisses.com. 

    Be sure to include:

    1. Your area(s) of interest.
    2. Your qualifications / a link to your website/ blog, or samples of your work.
    3. At least one pitch. It could be nutrition advice, trends in the wellness world, travel tips or something we haven’t covered yet. Your pitch should let us know your angle, and why you think it is of interest to the CSK audience.