10 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

All pain, no gain? If you’ve been working up a sweat for weeks or months on end and still can’t see results, then this is for you. Here are 10 reason your workout isn’t working and how to start seeing results, stat!


1. Lack of variety in training

Variety is the spice of life! If you’re doing the same ol’ boring routine over and over again, your muscles will simply adapt - and you’re more likely to hit a “fitness plateau.” Try spicing up your workout routines and above all make exercising f-u-n. Whether it’s finding an exercise buddy, signing up to a fitness class or even getting a personal trainer. If you’re exercising on your own terms, try switching exercises for each workout every week - this way you’re giving your body variety and getting the most out of your workouts!


2. Lack of sleep

Let’s get real peeps, go to bed earlier! Resting is vital after a hard workout to ensure your muscles have enough time to repair. Furthermore, a lack of sleep is proven to push you towards the naughty foods you know you should stay away from, due to the rise in cortisol levels (a stress hormone strongly associated with fat gain). Aim for 8 hours sleep for a happier, more relaxed and above all healthier you!


3. Stay hydrated

Sounds simple enough, right? But being dehydrated can have a negative impact on your mood, focus and metabolism. When you’re working out, your body is depleting nutrients while you sweat - so it’s extremely important to replenish those nutrients by staying hydrated. Aim for 8 glasses of water a day.


4. Cheating cheat meals

A routine cheat meal can help avoid or overcome a weight loss plateau. BUT (of course there’s a but!) this is not a green light to go on a fast food binge! A cheat meal should not become a cheat day - ‘cause then you’ll ruin all the fun. Stick to ONE cheat meal on your desired day and don’t go overboard. P.S. Pick a cheat meal you’ve been craving and make every bite count!


5. Stress

Fact: exercise stresses your body. Although “stress” outside of the gym; such as work, family, lack of sleep - can also trigger your body stress and make your cortisol levels skyrocket! If stress becomes too much, it can start affecting your workout and make it harder for your body to keep up. Try to reduce the amount of stress in your life - and seek exercise as a way to overcome your fears.


6. No heavy lifting

We love cardio as much as the next person. But when it comes to fitness, it isn’t enough. If you’re sticking to the same aerobic workout or running on a treadmill, your results will most likely stay the same. To truly boost your fitness and go beyond just burning calories, you need to venture outside your comfort zone and lift some weights! Hit your local gym for some weight lifting tips or follow a weights program.


7. You don’t plan accordingly

We’re busy, you’re busy, your best friend is busy too. Weeks come and go faster than you can do a burpee, so it’s probably best that you plan a schedule in advance. Every Sunday, set aside at least an hour to plan your workouts and your meals for the week. Find a program and follow it!


8. Overtraining

Stop, revive, survive. If you don’t rest enough between workouts, you’re more than likely to hit a fitness plateau. How? Your muscles work best when they’re rested, so if you’re overtraining you’re doing more damage than good by overworking your muscles. The more intensely you train, the more time your body needs to recover. So if you’ve stopped seeing changes in your body, it’s probably a sign you need to take a few days off.


9. Adjust your eating habits

Everyone needs exercise in their  life. But, if you’re not eating a healthy and nutritious diet, you could be setting yourself back. Yes, you’re doing all the right exercises, yes, you’re following the right routine, but if you’ve got a poor diet - nothing is going to change. Seek a healthy eating plan or visit a nutritionist to find the best diet plan for you and you’ll start seeing results.


10. You’re not pushing yourself hard enough

If you’ve been walking on a treadmill for the past five days without working up a sweat - then guuurl, you’re not doing enough. When exercise begins to feel easy, it’s time to push yourself a bit further. Take things up a notch by adding some high-intensity training or set your fitness goals higher so you’ve got something to work up to. You can do it!


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