30 Days of Yoga - WEEK 3: How yoga transforms your body


Soo week 3 is here already!! I'm so chill and namaste right now, I hadn't even noticed time passing. They say that habits are formed in 21 days but I already feel like yoga has become a natural part of my daily life. And it makes me feel GOOOD! If I practise in the morning, I feel energised for the day and if I practice in the evening, I feel so relaxed and ready to sleep.

How is YOUR mind, body and soul feeling after 2 and a bit weeks of solid yoga?? I wanted to share with you an amaze infographic created by The Huffington Post that shows the insane amount of benefits yoga can have on your wholeee body. From your brain, to your heart, to your abs...the list goes on!

Keep up the amazing work yogites, you're over half way there and on your way to an exceptionally healthy body! Enjoy.


(Credit to Rachel 'YogaGirl" Brathen for the feature image: www.rachelbrathen.com)