How To Survive A Long-haul Flight #likeaboss


Put your hand up if you genuinely enjoy long-haul flights...not many of you huh! That's because they suck. Other than the initial excitement of watching ALL THE MOVIES and having your food and refreshments served by beautiful women, more often than not you arrive at your destination feeling dehydrated, sleep-deprived and jet lagged. And this toxic combo plays havoc on your skin. I can't remember the last time I arrived at my destination without spotzilla making an unwanted appearance.

During my recent flight home, however, I decided to try a new regime...and by George it worked! So here are my TOP 5 TIPS to surviving a long-haul flight, like a boss.

1. Stay hydrated

Possibly the most important advice of all is to STAY HYDRATED. Long haul flights can cause severe dehydration if you're not careful so try and drink at least a litre before you board the plane. I always pick an aisle seat so that I can drink water regularly without the fear of being stuck when I need the bathroom. Plus you get more leg room...and even 5"4 girls need extra leg room!

Avoid the yucky airplane food where possible as it's full of salt, and steer clear of caffeine and alcohol. I know what you're thinking, 'but its freeeee!'. And I hear you, who can resists free alcohol?! Maybe just stick to a glass (or 2) of red as this has the added benefit of helping you to sleep. Two birds, one stone.

2. Look after your skin

There's very little oxygen on planes and no fresh air which can result in dehydrated and sensitive skin. Choose a good moisturiser and apply, apply, apply. Before, during and after the flight. Be sure to pack some in your hand luggage so that you have it on hand and also avoid wearing make-up, if you can.

I love to use Clinique Moisture Surge Intense - it is delightfully smooth and kind of feels like you're drinking a giant glass of water, with your face.

3. Sleep easy

If I could get away with wearing PJs to the airport, or just generally in daily life, I would. Really. But apparently it's not socially acceptable. Instead, I would highly recommend wearing comfy, loose fitting clothing, such as your gym pants or joggers. Make sure you pack a neck pillow, ear plugs, an eye mask and big comfy socks to give yourself the best possible chance of sleeping in the uncomfortable chairs. I'd also strongly recommend taking a few herbal sleeping aids as it is SO IMPORTANT to get a good night's sleep. Failing that, drink a few glasses of red and you'll be well on your way.

4. Avoid jet lag

We all know that jet lag is a bitch. Extreme tiredness, loss of appetite, irritability, insomnia, general confusion...the list goes on. So to avoid this, my favourite trick is to set my watch to the local time at my destination. This way, you can trick your mind into think its night when it's day, and day when it's night.

Try to sleep when it should be night and stay awake when it should be day. Easier said than done, I know, but the herbal remedies should help you here. Also try to eat meals at the right times so that you're on track when you arrive and pack some healthy snacks in a cool bag so that you can take control of your own eating patterns.

5. Keep moving

My final piece of advice is to KEEP. MOVING. It's important to keep the blood flowing around your body to avoid DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), so try walking up and down the aisles as much as you can (at least every hour or so) and exercise your foot and calf muscles whilst you're sitting down.

In case you didn't already know, airplane yoga is DA BOMB (probably not appropriate terminology for an airplane). Some of the moves could prove to be a little awkward (who really wants to perform the downward dog in front of a big crowd of people?) but most of the suggested moves are pretty easy to do in your seat and they really do make your tired, crumpled up body feel so much better. Check out Huffington Post's article on airplane yoga here.

I hope these tips have been useful cocotribe!

Have a safe flight,