30 Days of Green Smoothies

Welcome to 30 Days of Green Smoothies! This 30-Day challenge is all about nourishing your body with daily vegetables and fruits and making green smoothies a part of your lifestyle.

We all know that green smoothies can be good for you (when they're not full of sugar) but what exactly are the health benefits? 

1. Brighter and clearer skin
2. Increased energy
3. A boost to your immune system
4. Weight loss

This is most certainly not a diet, simply a lifestyle change for the next 30 days (and hopefully beyond!) so there are no rules as such. Simply enjoy 1 or 2 smoothies per day as a meal replacement or snacks, choosing from the selection provided (click on the smoothie names for links to recipes) or design your own! Whatever works for you and your body.

We have created a complimentary calendar to keep plan your green smoothies for the month and keep track of all the goodness you're putting in your body (you can download it here)

If you're keen to get involved this month, click the image below to download a printable version, you'll need to download it to access the links to the recipes. And don't forget to tag us throughout the month with #CSK30DayChallenge.

Wishing you luck and love,