30 Days of Yoga - WEEK 1: Top 5 Insta Yogis


Welcome to Day 1 of the 30 day yoga challenge!! The day has finally come and I’m hugely excited to start today. I mean, really freaking EXCITED! I’ve been practising yoga for a couple of years now but have never been hugely consistent with my efforts. Two days here, 1 day there and sometimes weeks without practising at all. But I always feel so bloody amazing afterwards it makes perfect sense to try and practise every day!

It's all about trying to fit yoga into your daily schedule. Which seems hard but is actually easy if you think you have 72 x 20 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY. So just take one of those 72 sets of 20 mins and stretch out your body. EASY.

So to kick off the challenge, I wanted to share two things with you. Firstly, a very helpful 'introduction to yoga' video for the new yogis. And secondly, a list of my FAVE yoga babes. You. Will. LOVE them! Make sure you add all of these to your instafeed PRONTO!

Top 5 Instagram Yoga Babes

Elle Fit @ellefit Mandy Martini @mandymartini Kathryn Bundig @kathrynbundig Loz Hannaford @lozhannaford Kate Kendall @activeyogi

Enjoy Day 1 of the challenge!!