30 Days of Yoga - WEEK 2


Happy Monday team! It's the start of Week 2 of the #30dayyogachallenge and I'm already feeling pretty A.W.E.S.O.M.E from my daily practice. My back is aching less, I'm sleeping well and my butt feels less saggy than usual! Winner. Just think how amazing we're going to feel by the end!

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm still rather uncoordinated when practising and sometimes stuff like this happens...

...but I'm pretty sure that after 30 SOLID DAYS my yogi skills are going to dramatically improve!

Want to increase your sex drive? As I'm sure you well know, one of the top benefits of yoga is stress relief. But did you know that it's also realllllyyy good for boosting your libido! Uh huh. Not only is this challenge going to help get you toned and less stressed, it's also going to help you in the bedroom.

Here's 5 poses to help boost your libido...they all release any tension from your body and help the blood flow to your cervix and head which is proven to increase your sex drive!

1. Eagle pose

Image @ mindmuscleyoga.com

2. Pigeon pose

3. Downward facing dog

4. Reclined hero pose

5. Forward fold

So here's to another week of namaste and better sex!