4 Fitness Goals That Are Better Than Losing Weight

Source: Daniel Knofliek on Unsplash

Source: Daniel Knofliek on Unsplash

NEWSFLASH: Fitness is a whole lot more than just losing weight. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with losing weight (and hey, good for you for trying!) but fitness can be more about changing your life from the inside out.

So if you’re still sweating it out in the gym to smash your weight goals, you might want to consider these 4 tangible, fulfilling fitness goals that are way better than just losing weight - oh, and don’t involve a scale! 


Boost Your Happiness

Elle Woods said it best, "exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!" Did you know that working out for just 30 minutes a few times a week can instantly boost your overall mood? You can be happy every, single, day. Getting fit isn’t just about changing the way you look, it’s also about changing your life from the inside out! Fitness makes you feel good, it helps the blood and oxygen flow through your body, it keeps your bones strong and most importantly, it makes you happy as larry! And not only will you be elevating your mood, but you’ll feel a whole lot more energised so you can face the day! Happiness starts now. 


Live a Longer Life

Sure, getting bikini body ready for your European summer escape is one way to motivate yourself to hit the gym. But what happens when the summer holiday is over? Why not focus on a longstanding fitness goal like, say… your health? A Harvard University study that tracked a group of people for more than 70 years found that exercise is one of the secrets to a good and longer life. Simple, everyday practices like exercising for 30 minutes, eating more greens, staying hydrated, meditating and sleeping 8-9 hours per night are some of the things you can learn to focus on to live a healthier, longer life. 


Master a New Skill

Can’t possible squat anymore? We’re with you! Exercise doesn't have to be just about counting calories and incline on treadmills, it can be a way to discover a whole new world. Instead of focusing on your weight, why not use fitness as a way to master a new skill that’s actually fun and interesting. Hot tip: TRY SOMETHING NEW! Take adult swimming lessons so you can become a scuba-diver. Sign up for that belly dancing course. Sit with that yogi for hours and learn her secrets. In other words, find something that makes fitness fun for you, so you’ll actually look forward to doing it! And trust us, whatever is it you want to do, you can totally do it! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Explore The World (by foot)

Ever been exhausted after walking around the streets of a foreign country? Then this is for you. Instead of trying to lose weight for your European summer escape, why no focus on a more important fitness goal: getting fit so you can explore to the max. It’s pretty hard to savour every moment when you travel without your body clocking out. The solution? Get fit! One of the worst things about travelling is having to miss out on things because you’re not in shape. 

If you’ve ever wanted to hike the the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the Grand Canyon, or even make your way to Everest Base Camp, or visit the Faulhornweg in Switzerland (which btw, is incredible) - then now is the time to start working towards your new goal. So, book a trip and say yes to adventure! Above all remember: to travel is to live. 

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