5 Easy Ways to Get Healthy, Glowing Skin

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Straight-out-of-bed is rarely my best look, but this morning there was some extra blah waiting for me in the mirror. Where was the healthy, glowing skin I’m always striving for?

I shouldn’t really be surprised. My last two weeks have been a recipe for anything but good skin: coffee all day, wine all evening, too much junk food, not enough sleep, and total neglect of my skincare regimen.

So, here are my five resolutions for getting back on track. If your skin isn’t looking so hot either, ask yourself if you’ve been skimping on these.


1. Get more sleep.

It’s common knowledge that for mental and physical health, our bodies need sleep. This is when our bodies rest and repair and process and rejuvenate. And yet, getting sufficient sleep is just not so common.

What does this have to do with healthy, glowing skin? Well, the skin-related benefits of getting enough shut-eye are striking — such as fewer wrinkles, brighter complexion and eyes that aren’t so puffy. So aim for 7 to 9 hours a night, which means televisions and phones off well before you crawl under the covers.


2. Drink more water.

What cures as many ills as sleep? Water. While the idea that water is a magic anti-wrinkle elixir is debatable, the importance of water for overall health is undeniable.

And you know what you’re NOT drinking when you drink water?

Distraction has served you well with that ex you’re still attracted to and the leftover apple pie in your fridge, so try it here. Be so busy sipping on water that you forget about those other drinks.


3. Wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen’s value is one of the most time-tested truths out there. We all acknowledge the long-term effects of unprotected sun exposure: skin cancer and premature ageing. But we should note that short-term effects are also apparent.

Sunburned skin becomes sore, tight and leathery (or worse, blistery), then peels and becomes dry and flaky; then it clogs up with burn-relief creams and explodes with zits and blackheads. Not exactly the healthy, glowing skin we all want. So wear sunscreen, all year round.


4. Create a skincare regimen, and then follow it.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on an elaborate skincare regimen (unless you want to), but do spend a few minutes each day addressing your face’s needs. This typically includes

  • Cleanser

  • Toner and/or targeted serum

  • Some love for the eyes area

  • Sunscreen

  • Moisturizer

Maybe you shop locally, maybe you pour a coffee and shop online (I’m personally biased toward UK-based EffortlessSkin.com; Dermstore.com is an American fave; and Australia’s AdoreBeauty.com is very popular). If your current routine is a quick splash of water and then straight to the makeup drawer, it’s time to disrupt things with some skincare.


5. Really wash your face.

There are some universal basics to face washing, such as using warm water and patting (not rubbing) dry; but details still vary greatly from person to person. You might use your hands, a washcloth or even a tool like Mary Kay or Clarisonic skin brushes.

So I’m leaving you with some homework. Once you’ve found your face’s dream products, take the cleanser relationship a step deeper and figure out your most effective way to use it.


You’ve got one face. Take care of it.

More sleep. More water. More sunscreen. More products. More practice. Want a healthy, glowing face? Give your skin more attention.

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