5 Steps To Body Confidence (...And My Personal Struggle With It)

Photo by  averie woodard  on  Unsplash
"Loving yourself is the greatest revolution" - Unknown

Now I'm going to be honest with you, body confidence is something I have always struggled with and something I have to work on every single day. I was incredibly awkward and shy as a kid and have never found it particularly easy to appreciate how wonderful my mind and body actually is (even writing that down was hard!)

But over the past few years I have learnt the importance of self love and accepting myself just as I am, imperfections and all.  It's not something I have mastered yet but I'm determined to one day be fully comfortable in my own skin. Until that day, I follow these five steps to help build my self love muscle:

1. Get activE

Working out not only makes you feel good (hello endorphins), it can also help you feel more confident and in control of your health. Find something that you love doing (running, swimming, yoga, walking, dancing etc etc) and try to keep active every day...even if it's just a 15 minute walk at lunch. Try out our 30 Days of Active Living challenge to get you started. 


2. Say something positive about your body every damn day

Look at yourself in the mirror and find something that you love. EVERY DAY! And try to find something new each time.

...It'll get easier, I promise!


3. Appreciate your incredible body and remember you're a whole person

Think about all the amazing things that your body can do, instead of focusing on the way you look. Having a different body or different features will not necessarily make you happier as I can guarantee you will just face different challenges. What really matters is that you're healthy and happy from the inside out.

4. Avoid comparisonitus

If you're anything like me, you probably find yourself scrolling through the ever alluring pictures of beautiful women on Insta and wonder why you weren't born with 6 pack abs. Well, we all know that someone's online image is highly likely to be an edited version of reality, and imagine how boring it would be if we all looked and acted the same! If you want to feel more confident in your own body, I would highly recommend focusing your energy on being the best version of your wonderful self as comparison will always be a losing game. 

5. Treat yo'self

Do you ever forget to take care of yourself? With busy jobs and lives it is so easy to do, and something most of us struggle to prioritise. Just small habits every day, such as getting out into nature, and treating yourself to a massage or facial once in a while are proven to boost your self confidence and self love. Try out our 30 Day of Good Vibes challenge to help you on your way.