#CSK Life Challenges: 30 days of yoga STARTING SOON!

30 day yoga challenge.jpg

Cocotribe, I have some very exciting news!! I’ll soon be starting my first ever CSK Life Challenge and I would for you to join me for the ride. Every 30 days I plan to start a new challenge, which will vary from fitness ventures, to healthy eating and general life hacks. Challenges such as:

  • A healthy recipe a day
  • Daily yoga
  • Freedom from social media
  • 30 days to a beach body
  • Daily exercise
  • A photo a day
  • Plank challenge / Squat challenge
  • Cut out sugar
  • Drink more water
  • Disconnecting after 8pm
  • Gluten-free month
  • Daily meditation
  • Budgeting for holiday
  • Clear the clutter

And what a way to start, with 30 days of yoga to get the blood flowing and body super toned! The challenge will commence on Monday 25 May and I’m so excited to get started!!

For those of you who are already active yogis, you will be well aware of the amazing benefits of practising yoga…

  • It increases strength and flexibility
  • Boosts your immunity by improving overall health
  • Helps you to sleep by helping you to deal with stress and restoring your body
  • Fights food cravings by slowing your over active mind down and helping you to make better choices when cravings strike.
  • And is even proven to boost sexual performance!

So if you fancy toning your body and boosting your sexual performance over the next month, join me on the 30 day challenge! I would recommend either finding a local class (most gyms will offer yoga classes) or there are some amazing tutorials online...one of my favourites is Yoga with Adriene - the tutorials are super simple and vary between 15 mins and 45 in length. There are so many wonderful types of yoga out there, I highly recommend trying different types over the 30 days to see which works best for you...my personal fave is hatha yoga as I always feel so energetic afterwards!

For those that are in, there are just 3 simple rules to the challenge:

  1. Practice yoga at least once a day
  2. Try to make sure that your yoga sesh is at least 15 mins long
  3. Share your journey with the hashtag #CSKLifeChallenge

I'm so excited to start on Monday and can't wait to share my experiences with y'all!

CSK xx