How to Be the Healthiest Version of You in 2018


New year, new you? Er, been there - done that.

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, we all glisten with hope for the start of a brand new year. But usually two weeks in we are right back where we started (pass the dip, anyone?). Not this year.. No, we’re not your fairy godmother to make all your dreams (and dress sizes) come true, but we are going to give you a few simple tips to change a few nasty habits that are probably holding you back. From introducing an adult bedtime to a digital detox, here are 6 ways you can become the healthiest version of you in 2018 - and live happily ever after.  


Introduce adult bedtime

The great thing about being an adult is that you can have cake for breakfast and go to sleep whatever time you want. (Look at me now, mum!) The bad thing about adulting is that you can’t blame anyone but yourself when you start to suffer from sleep deprivation. Just in case you needed a reminder, sleep is considered the third pillar of health - so it’s er, important you get enough of it! When you’re sleep deprived, anything from your weight, to mood, to even your immune system suffer. Introducing an adult bedtime is one of the simplest ways to make sure you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Sure, there will be night when you stay up past your bedtime (we’re only human!) - just don’t make a habit of it.


Drink more H20

Ask yourself this: how much water have you drank today? If it’s anything less than 2 litres, then guuurl this is for you. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day flushes toxins and helps speed up your metabolism. We often confuse thirst for hunger, so when your cravings start, maybe it’s a sign to drink up and stay hydrated.

P.S. If you’re not big on plain ol’ water, try adding berries, cucumber, lemon or mint for a flavour boost.


Find a workout you actually enjoy


Why do we workout? Well, because #health. We get it, you’re tired, busy, exhausted, stressed, etc. - but you need to stop making excuses. Half the population would rather binge on Netflix than get off the couch for a run -and that’s a sad truth. FYI, fitness actually makes you feel great (hello, endorphins) and keeps you living longer. So, instead of a boring old walk around the block, or a diy “yoga” session in front of the TV, why not look up a bunch of exercise classes that’ll actually make you want to get fit! Dancing? Spinning? Water polo? Dog yoga? Exercise has no limits, and neither should you.


Cut out sugar (where possible)

You can have your cake, and eat it too. Just in moderation. But, if you make a note in 2018 to learn about the effects of sugar on your body - then you’ll probably want to wean off the sweet stuff. Sugar these days is in almost everything - from your morning OJ to your powder chai latte, to the “sugar-free” yoghurt you have at lunch. Sure, it’s hard to completely quit sugar, but you can at least try and minimise your daily dose and be conscious of what you put in your mouth. Avoid artificial sugars like the plague - and remember that treats (like cake!) are not meant to be eaten everyday.


Choose your friends wisely

As we get older, our friendship circles change. People change, priorities change, and so does our patience. In order to be healthy, we also have to be mentally healthy. A big factor of your happiness is who you choose to spend your time with. You are in charge of whose opinions and advice you pay attention to and whose energy you want to be around. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about you and people who encourage you to follow your dreams. Stop wasting your time worrying about people that just don’t matter. They’re probably jealous of you anyway.


Digital detox

Take a look around you. We spend more time than ever in front of screens - swiping for dates, scrolling through filtered photos and searching for the perfect meme to send to our besties. Unfortunately, all this screen time has negative implications. Instead of feeling popular, we feel like we’re missing out, and instead of staying in touch with people, we’re feeling more disconnected than ever. The solution? Go on a digital detox. Make a decision to put your phone down as much as possible - be it at a friends gathering, cinema, or even a weekend away. That invigorating herbal tea bath that you’ve been meaning to try will be much more enjoyable if you’re not worrying about the status to match! Take time to stop and smell the roses - it’s the little moments that build gratitude — and that’s a very healthy thing.

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