How to Build your Personal Brand

Now I’m going to be honest, when I first heard the phrase ‘personal brand’ I thought it was a load of baloney. Having worked in marketing for 6 years, I’m well aware of the importance of branding for companies but, well, I don’t need the pressure of creating a brand for my personal life too! However, the more I’ve read into it, the more I understand it's importance. I personally believe the aim of building your personal brand is about finding happiness in both your professional AND personal life, it's not simply about progressing in your career..

So how do we go about building a personal brand?

Since the advent of social media, most of us have been building up our brand without even realising it. Every photo we post, every comment we make and every brand we follow online culminates to form an image that the outside world can see. It is no longer a question of IF you have a personal brand, but how you choose to define yourself and how you choose to be perceived by others. Importantly, your brand is what will separate you from every other person in the world and will make sure you stand out in both your professional and personal life.

If you’re interested in building your own, check out our top tips:

1. Decide how you want to be defined

What are your values and passions? The first step is to decide what these are and make sure that you prioritise them.  When someone says your name, what would you most like to be associated with?  What makes you really REALLY happy? Are you a creative person, a numbers person, or a people person?

Don’t feel too much pressure to work this all out in one go! I’m 30 years old and I'm only just starting to understand what my core passions are...and it’s ok for them to change over time.

2. Consider who you admire

Whether it’s a top entrepreneur, your manager at work or freakin’ BEYONCE, take a good hard look at the people you admire and work out what qualities they have.  Why do they inspire you and why do you think they stand out from others?

Personally, I’m HUGELY inspired by Stephanie Gilmore (6 x World Champion surfer), Arianna Huffington (of The Huffington Post) and the incredibly talented fitness guru, Lorna Jane Clarkson. They are all strong, intelligent and hugely successful women who act with optimism and grace in any given situation – whether it’s winning a world championship or building internationally successful businesses.

Once you have a list of these qualities, start to emulate them in your own life.  Now, I’m most definitely not suggesting that you copy everything that they do…creepsville! Every single person in this world is UNIQUE and we want to keep it that way but if there’s anything you can learn from these inspirational people, picking up on certain positive qualities will only serve to enhance your own brand, and develop who you are.

3. Creating the dream life

Once you have defined your values and passions, it is important to ensure that you’re living them out and developing your brand every day. Your personal brand should be aspirational – focusing on what you want to achieve in life, and not necessarily just focusing on the present.

And remember, it’s not just about securing a top job, it’s about deciding how you want to live your life as a whole. What’s on your bucket list for the future? Which relationships make you happy and which should you cut loose? What's your dream job?

I have dreamed of owning my own business since the day I left school and I've been taking small steps ever since to reach that point. And yea it has definitely taken me a lot longer than others to work out exactly what it is that I want to focus on, but life’s a journey right!

My final thought for the day is that there is only one YOU in the world, just one, so don’t be afraid to be who you are and live FEARLESSLY.

Have a wonderful day!