How to Feed Your Wanderlust Without Travelling

noun: wanderlust

  1. a strong desire to travel.
    "a man consumed by wanderlust"

Wanderlust sufferer? Join the club! If you’re not travelling, you’re thinking about travelling, and if you’re not planning your next getaway, you’re dreaming of your next destination. Sadly, the reality is - we can’t all go jetting off to those exotic locations we’ve spent hours pinning on Pinterest #sigh. The good news is there is a cure to satisfy your travel hunger! Here are 7 things you can do to feed your wanderlust addiction without leaving your own backyard. Bonus: it’ll cost you a lot less, too!


Take the High Road

Same routine erryday? If you’re driving down the same ol’ boring road after work day after day, why not mix it up a bit. Something as simple as driving down a road you’ve never been down before can delight your senses. Pop on your favourite playlist, pick up your bestie and take a long, scenic route home (one day). You’ll get out of your comfort zone!


Meet Mother Nature

Not really an outdoorsy person (unless it’s hiking the Grand Canyon)? Then maybe it’s time to become one. Yes, we know the weather can be depressing sometimes, and nature can have a lot of unwanted creepy crawlies #arachnophobia, but it’s also been proven to lift our spirits and improve our mental health. Go find yourself a happy place - whether it’s the sandy beach or the snow-capped mountain tops. Breathe in the fresh air and bring your sense of adventure with you!


Try a New Restaurant

Whether you’re eating paella for the first time in Spain, or slurping up spaghetti in Italy, part of the thrill of discovering a new destination is tasting their unique cuisine. Well since you can’t make your way there (just yet), make a list of everywhere you want to eat in your city, and then make a plan to go somewhere new each week. You’ll be surprised by what you can find.


Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Don’t look at us like that! When you’re not a tourist (per se), you tend to not to do touristy things. So, stop being a grump and go explore your surroundings. Sometimes we’re so focused on exploring a new destination, that we usually take our own for granted. Look up local tours, boat cruises, wine tastings, museums, iconic sights, and even food markets to satisfy all your senses.


Treat Yourself to Something Fancy

You know that amazing luxury hotel you couldn’t exactly afford in Europe? Well, your dreams can come true! Although different locations, why not treat yourself to a night in a fancy hotel in your hometown? Take your favourite person with you and enjoy a romantic evening while soaking in a bubble bath with a bottle of French champagne. Cheers to that!


Organise Your Photos

There’s nothing like taking a trip down nostalgia lane to feed your wanderlust. Conjuring all those wonderful memories and experiences you’ve had. Bring out all your photos from your travels and get them organised! Whether you want to get crafty and make your own scrapbook album, pop them in a special box, or even just organise them into folders on your hard drive. Either way, it’ll make it easier for you to access them the next time you’re bragging to friends about that hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia.


Plan Your Next Trip

Er, no one said you can’t plan a trip! Even if you can’t book your flights right now, you can still do your research for hotels, restaurants and sights  you want to visit when you finally get there. Better yet, if you’ve got a number of places you want to go -  create a “dream destination” moodboard (there’s something therapeutic about printing out pics of the places you’d like to go.) Put it in a place you can see it, so it’ll inspire you when you’re ready to book your next adventure!


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