How To Love Your Body

Photo by Ishan on  Unsplash

Photo by Ishan on Unsplash

Type “women”, “body” and “beauty” in your search engine. Hit enter and you’ll find heaps of images that probably don’t look like you or anyone you know. You’re an educated woman and so you’re clued in that a large percentage of everything you’re seeing in the media is manipulated.  So, why do you still agonize over your body?

You’re not alone. The Butterfly Foundation found that body dissatisfaction is the top ranked issue of concern for young people in Australia. Instead of waiting for the media to change, or for all those restrictive beauty standards to be dismantled, you can be the change. You can do something today to begin rejecting those ideals and start loving your body -as it is.

How? So glad you asked.

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” —The Buddha.


Stop comparing

“Comparison is a thief of joy” said the 27th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. He probably wasn’t referring to the way you feel every time you see a woman with an enviable body. But his point still remains because comparing yourself to other people is the fastest way to feel bad. The solution? STOP DOING IT. In yoga they say, “Eyes on your own mat.” We say, “Eyes on your own thighs”. Focus on yourself because your body will never look like someone else’s body. Instead of fawning over another body, spend time learning what you need to do to feel good about your body.


Be your Body’s BFF

You love your best friend, right? You treat her well, you talk to her with respect, you love her? It’s time to be your body’s best friend. Learning to love and accept your body of all it’s wobbly bits and flaws is a process - but it’s worth it! If you miss a workout or gain a few kilos, motivate yourself to get back on track - don’t judge yourself! You wouldn’t deprive your bestie of nourishment, sleep and affection, so why do it to yourself?


Get Physical

Fitness isn’t about fitting into skinny jeans or getting into a bikini. It’s about feeling good and realising the intelligent, funny, unique, and beautiful woman you are. Without sounding like your 16-year-old self, true beauty is what shines from within. That doesn’t mean you should stop trying to be healthy. Instead of spending time focusing on fitting into a cookie-cutter mould, focus on building a strong body and mind.


Learn to Self-Love

Your body is beautiful, no matter the shape or size. Too often we believe life would be better if only our legs were “____er” or our arms were “____er”. This is a no-no. By equating your looks to your self-worth, you’re putting ourselves at the risk of depression and anxiety.

The goal, instead, is to love the skin you’re in -right now. What other parts of yourself do you value? Maybe you’re funny, or you’re a maths genius. Look in the mirror and find 3 qualities daily that make you, you. Because those qualities - physical or not - deserve to be celebrated.


Social Media Cull-ing

Stop scrolling. A whopping 70% of women said that social media impacts how they feel about their bodies. Our advice? Go through your social media accounts and cull anything that makes you feel bad, unpretty or insecure. Instead, follow profiles of people who inspire and uplift you.

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