How to Start Loving Mondays


Just another manic monday, right?

The world is filled with two types of people: those who love Mondays and those who wish Mondays never, EVER, existed. If you’re the former, then you should probably stop reading. This puppy is for those who feel that gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of their stomach come Sunday afternoon.Is it even possible to like Mondays? The answer is a big, fat, yes! Here’s how to start loving Mondays stat.


Start on Sunday

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

A Sunday well spent will bring a week of content. Well, at least it’ll bring a Monday of content. Cure your dreaded sunday night anxiety by preparing for the upcoming week (this means different things for different people.) But, you can mindfully choose your Monday outfit, meal prep for the following day, tidy the house so that everything is in place, or for the real eager beavers you might want to plan your entire week! Better yet, write a to-do list. Physically noting down what you have to do for the following days can take the pressure off the next morning - making Mondays a tad more likeable.

P.S. Choose a quote that inspires you for the week #mondaymotivation and stick it somewhere you’ll see it. A little morning inspiration will really help you face the day (and week).


Sunday Night Routine

The best part of the weekend is that “school’s out” feeling. Two glorious days of freedom! But, all good things come to an end. There’s comfort though in slipping back into your routine - knowing exactly what you’re going to do, and when you’re going to do it. So, why not apply to same logic to your Sunday night? Eat a lighter meal earlier in the night (so you don’t have that sloth feeling come Monday morning), take a shower and pamper your face, go to bed earlier than usual and come morning - you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the day!


Monday Night Fun

Umm, who said weekends are the only time you’re allowed to have f-u-n? Make your own rules and treat yourself to a few Monday shindigs. Whether it’s a low-key dinner date with a friend, a Monda-cial (Monday facial!), that new dessert bar you want to check out, buying a new book that you’re dying to read, or even your favourite exercise class - having something to look forward to on a Monday, will get you more excited for the day to come around. Mondays just got a whole lot better.


Change Your Attitude

There are certain things you can’t change about yourself. It might be that you hate coriander, or that you’re not a cat person - and that’s totally fine. But hating Mondays? That needs to change. Research shows that the best way to change your emotions is to first address your attitude. This means, that if you want to start liking Mondays, you have to change the way you think about Mondays. Instead of thinking of Mondays as “T-minus 4 days till freedom”, we like to think of Mondays as the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Whether you overindulged in too many Tim Tams over the weekend, or felt a little blah at work the previous week, Monday is always right around the corner to start anew and try again.  


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