How to Stick to Your Workout Plan (And Stay Motivated)

Source: Daniel Knofliek on Unsplash

Source: Daniel Knofliek on Unsplash

It’s happened to the best of us. Sometime in March, you promise yourself that you’re finally going to get that #bikinibod you’ve been stalking on Instagram. You make mental notes to eat better and exercise erryday. But as the months pass you’re more likely to eat cake and cookies than kale and cucumbers - but it’s okay, cause you’ve still got ages. 

Nek minnut, it’s November, summer is basically here - and that summer body is nowhere to be seen or found. Sound familiar? Well maybe you’ve got commitment issues. Telling yourself you’re going to get fit is one thing, but actually doing it? Completely another. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. With some patience, acceptance, and a little more commitment from your end, you can stick to your workout plan and get the body you want. Here’s how. 


Set realistic goals

We all have that one celebrity body we would sell our soul for. Whether it's Miranda Kerr or Gisele Bündchen, we want it! Unfortunately, only a fairy godmother could give it to you overnight. And that's not real. And neither are those fad diets that promise you to lose 10 kilos in a month. (You'll pile it back on the next month.) Studies have shown that it takes anywhere between 14 to 254 days to truly set a new habit and start seeing results. Begin with a program that has realistic results and set small goals. Don’t count the days or the kilos. Just be consistent, try your best and you’ll see results. 


Exercise should be a priority

You brush your teeth everyday, right? Well exercising should be one of the same. We know you’re busy, but weeks come and go faster than you can do a burpee, so it’s probably best that you prioritise your exercise so you won’t go without. Sign up to an exercise class, book a training session with a P.T, or even meet up with a friend for a run - anything to get you going and stay committed. There’s also a whole bunch of fitness apps, videos, books and weight trackers to help you in a ginormous way. 


Better yet, write it down


Just like your work diary, you should have a fitness journal too. The difference being: this type of journal will actually benefit your health. Whether you choose old fashioned pen-and-paper, or an app - writing down your goals, struggles and achievements can be a great way to remind yourself of what you’re actually working towards (and also why you started). Also, tracking your progress with before and after photos is one of the most successful methods of fitness motivation!


Eating your way to success

Fitness and nutrition go together like love and marriage. You simply can’t have one without the other. But just like your relationship, it needs 100% commitment. Sure, we all love chocolate (and if you don’t, we’ll try not judge) but you can’t have chocolate every single day. Yes, you might miss eating whatever you want, when you want, but choosing to eat according to your fitness program will make a big difference to your workout -and of course, your waistline! 


Reward yourself, often

With every risk, comes a reward. So, don’t forget to reward yourself with how far you’ve come every now and then. Set goals in your diary for one week, three months, a year - and reward yourself with each fitness anniversary (yes, we like to call them that!). The further you get, the bigger the reward! So maybe at 6 months, you can reward yourself with a trip to Bali to show off your new bod - just saying! The key to success is balance - so do what makes you happy and healthy -’cause you deserve it! 


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