How To Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions


Feel like your New Year’s resolutions

are already starting to slip into oblivion?

Well you’ll be pleased to know you're not the only one…according to Forbes Magazine only 8% of people actually achieve them! We place so much emphasis on starting fresh and creating big, dramatic goals (read: losing half our body weight, climbing Mount Everest, learning Bengali…) and by week 3, most of us have already decided that it’s all far too difficult. Because COMFORT, right?

It took me precisely 5 days to fall off track with my fitness goals this year. 5 DAYS! Work has been busy, I’ve been going to bed late every night, spending far too much time on social media and missing my morning yoga classes. Instead of eating a healthy diet to combat the lack of exercise and sleep, my gut reaction has been to just give up and eat all the chocolate, all the time. So now my skin’s broken out, my energy levels are low and I’m simply not feeling my happy self.

But here’s the thing, sometimes life just gets in the way and disrupts good habits, and I’ve learnt not to beat myself up when it happens. One bad week certainly doesn’t need to lead to a bad year.


So how can you be part of the elite 8 % who actually achieve their resolutions? Here’s my top 4 tips to help you smash them:

1. Create a vision board 

Image supplied by:   Kimberly Elise

Image supplied by: Kimberly Elise

One of the best ways to achieve your resolutions is to start by creating a vision board. You simply need to write down your goals and dreams, find images that represent each one, and stick them all onto an A3 page or straight on to your wall. EASY. My board takes pride of place on the wall above my desk and is a permanent reminder of everything I want to achieve and experience this year.

It has been proven that if you focus on something enough, you can actually bring it to life! And by looking at your vision board everyday, you will start to visualise how you want your life to look. 

"Visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do" - London Life Coach

If you’d rather create a vision board online, I highly recommend setting up a Pinterest account and start up a 2017 board. Check out CSK's vision board here.


2. Start a morning routine

Starting your morning well can set the tone for your entire day. Having a morning routine not only means that you can get more done, but studies show that it helps increase your productivity throughout the day, encourages healthy food and exercise choices and will help you stay motivated to smash your goals. 

However, it’s one thing actually creating your routine, but also super important to maintain it throughout the week.  

If you want to get started with creating your own routine, you can find my top tips here.


3. Wellness Apps

How did we ever keep on top of our wellness goals before the App Store magically appeared in our lives?! There are so many incredible health and fitness apps to choose from these days but I'm a huge fan of the following to help keep my wellness goals on track:

Meditation: Calm

A great tool for anyone who wants to become more mindful, Calm has guided meditations for sleep, anxiety, stress and other distractions.



Outdoor Activities: Yonder

Yonder helps you find and share outdoor excursions based on where you are and what interests you most.

Fitness: Aaptiv

Aaptiv, in my opinion, is a cut above the rest as it offers on-demand audio fitness training through your smartphone, providing personal coaching on the go covering a huge variety of activities from a trail run to a yoga session at home. 

Sleeping Well: Sleep Cycle

An oldie but a goody! The Sleep Cycle app monitors your sounds and movements while you sleep to detect when you’re in your deepest sleep. It then adapts to your rhythms to wake you up at your lightest sleep state so you’ll start your day feeling more naturally refreshed.


4. Don’t be too hard on yourself 

Let’s get one very important thing straight - NO ONE’S PERFECT.

There will always be days when you just can't make it to the gym, or simply NEED another piece of chocolate and that's ok! Don't be too hard on yourself and don't give up. You just need to stay strong, keep taking small steps forward and don't forget all of the hard work you've already put in.

"If you stumble, make it part of the dance" - Author unknown

Here's to SMASHING goals in 2017!

Much love,


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