Spotlight: Pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons Joins Forces With Rexona To Get More People To Move Their Body

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It's not everyday you get the chance to get active on the beach at sunrise AND surf with one of your heroes! Thanks to Rexona AU, I was lucky enough to hang out with pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, in and out of the surf, in support of the #MoveMore campaign.

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To give you some background, Rexona have teamed up with Sally Fitzgibbons, Johnathan Thurston and Usman Khawaja (Everyday Athlete Ambassadors) to encourage Australians to incorporate more movement into their everyday lives, building on their belief that the more you move, the more you live. And with 66% of Australians admitting they could be more active, the MoveMore campaign couldn't have come at a better time.

So after an epic surf lesson with Sally, we talked about what it means to live an active lifestyle...


Firstly, I have a slight obsession with morning routines! Do you have a routine that you follow?

Morning routines for me are all about the performance element. It’s about creating that consistent calm, to improve my thought process under pressure - I don't want a crazy mind or brain! I have to unwind and unravel right at the beginning of the day. I used to wake up and flood my mind with everything, so I decided I wanted to give my mind the same discipline that I give my body in training.

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Waking up, I try and do a form of meditation and breathing, just for like five minutes nothing crazy. And then I have a morning routine to wake my body up - it's a spinal health mobility program which enables me to be prepared for the day. Over the years you're always wondering if you’ve done enough to prevent injuries and prepare your body. So by doing the program, I feel like I’m giving back to my body and I have the confidence and range that I need to succeed. I get started as early as I can because as soon as it gets light, I know that the waves are going to be pumping and I get too excited!!


Where’s your favourite place in the world to surf?

Back home is just so brilliant. I’m from Gerroa, a south coast kid. Having a second base up here (Northern Beaches) where the office is, has been awesome. It's a great contrast. Here there’s the city vibe and I go home to the south coast and there’s that empty space and line up in the surf. It's perfect conditions to train and get as many waves as I can to get better at my job.

How old were you when you first started surfing?

I was really young. I was on the boogie board when I was about four or five and started stand up surfing when I was about six. I’ve got three older brothers and they all sort of towed me in. I was that little tomboy wearing my brothers board shorts! And so when they started surfing I didn’t want to be left behind. It was all about keeping up.

Can you tell me more about the Rexona MoveMore campaign?

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It has been amazing to work with a company like Rexona. We both want to get more Australians moving and it’s just scary with the way the stats are going - more and more people are just not moving in their spare time. They choose not to. And I really believe that they would move more if there was someone encouraging them or having someone to do it with. That's why we’re out in the community encouraging people to move.

It’s about not being rigid around the concept of movement. You don’t have to have a gym membership, you can just do it anywhere. Especially if you have a dog or kids or family, you can just create activities and move together around the park.

You've achieved a HUGE amount and you're only 26! Who inspires you? 

That’s a great question! My inspirations are first and foremost my mum and dad. They’ve got four kids and they they just work so hard. They started up up a software business at home so it's been in my DNA to be an entrepreneur and start my fitness business. And they’ve always backed me 100%. Obviously there are highs and lows on the journey, but they never said anything was a mistake. I credit my success to mum and dad for creating the environment and the opportunity for me.

What's next for you? Have you got any more books coming out?

It's such an exciting time on the board first and foremost. I've never been more passionate about surfing and competing and I’m evolving and trying to become a better surfer. Then off the board, my biggest focus is trying to create a successful business. I’m really proud of the products we have so far and we're trying to grow the All Australian Beach Body community and would love to see more and more people training.
We're also focusing on getting more momentum for the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation. We want the kids to be moving!

And finally we’re also shooting for a new cookbook which is so exciting. It will be released around Christmas so I’m working with the crew and I’m psyched for the project! 

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