Spotlight: The Gratitude Project with Ange Simson

Ange Simson is a health coach, happiness expert, writer, speaker and all-round goddess! She is the creator of The Gratitude Project which inspires thousands of women, including myself, to step into their light and live their best life. Ange is also the proud mamma of two adorable daughters, Bo and Harper, and doting wife to Hugh.

We talk to Ange about the key to positive energy, balancing a thriving business with motherhood, how gratitude can change your life and her top tips for building an authentic, heart driven business. 


What words do you live by?

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.


What motivated you to create The Gratitude Project?

There were many things that motivated me to create The Gratitude Project - in particular, my own personal experiences of choosing gratitude over discomfort and fear, and the profound this impact this had on my health and happiness.

One key memory I have was when my daughter Bo was only a few months old. I was driving to see the chiropractor because she had some problems with her neck. She was in the back of the car screaming (she hated the car!) and I could feel my stress levels rising. I kept pulling the car over and getting out to try and soothe her, but nothing helped. I felt frustrated as anything and all I wanted to do was cry. In that moment, it felt like too much (plus, as a new Mum I was seriously sleep deprived!)

But I had this moment as I was getting her out of the car where I realised that some people would give anything to be in my situation. I had a beautiful baby girl and I was in the car taking her to see a health care practitioner that I could easily afford. Who on earth was I not to feel so incredibly blessed in that moment? So I made a decision there and then to stop choosing to focus on the discomfort and start focusing solely on gratitude. It changed everything for me. I became more present and happier within a week and over the long run I started to see big changes in my health, relationships and life. I realised that this was something that needed to be shared and taught because it was so transformational! 


What 3 things are you most grateful for?

My beautiful family; the amazing tribe of women I support and work alongside and living near the water.


Can you tell us more about The Gratitude Transformation Online Program?

Yes! The Gratitude Transformation Online Program is something I'm SO excited about! The GTOP is a self paced program that focusses on the big and life changing topics that have helped me completely transform my life, and the lives of so many of my clients (think: gratitude, self talk, acceptance and forgiveness!) It helps people create a life that feels good and is aligned with their true selves. It really is the stuff that true happiness and joy is made of!


At CSK we’re obsessed with morning routines! How do you start your day?

I'm an early bird (it's part of being a Mumma!) and the mornings are one of my most favourite parts of the day - especially when all four of us get to cuddle in bed. I much prefer slow mornings but part of owning my own business means that I have to jump online and do client calls in the early hours. Regardless of how my day starts though, I always do my gratitudes and embrace family cuddles - these things are my number one priority!


You have such a wonderfully positive energy and spirit - how do you stay positive on days when life is just hard?!

I’ve realised in the moments of crazy ‘busy-ness’ that I have the ability to just power through and be all I need to be. We all have it within us. But the beauty is we don’t have to be like that at all moments and that’s a choice. I can choose to have a perfectly clean and tidy house, or I can choose to run down to the beach and have an hour getting sandy and tired, dragging the little grains from the soles of my feet into our bed to be constantly reminded of those moments when I tuck into my doona for sleep.  I can be the mum who makes only the best choices and has a child free and pure of any sugar or preservatives, only ever making healthy home made treats.  Or I can say “screw it all” every so often and we can get ice cream at the shops and laugh as it drips down our arms.


Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows at all time, when things are tough and the stress is creeping in, my spiritual practices bring me back to earth, ground me in what’s really happening (not my false evidence appearing real FEAR) and helps me to keep a level head. 


You’re a mamma to two beautiful girls and you’re also running a thriving business! What does a day in your life look like?

Source: @gratitude_project

Source: @gratitude_project

Every day is different in my household! I'm always up early but some mornings are relaxed and some are a little more hectic. I do a lot of client calls most days but I also make sure I block a lot of time out for Ange time and family time. It's very easy to lose balance when you're a Mum and a business owner, but I try my best to look after myself and intentionally put time aside to rest and get out of my head and into my heart.


You radiant health and beauty from the outside in! What are your tips for maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul?

Well, thank you! I think that when you become a mother you really have to prioritize your happiness and health because it does impact everyone in your home. My tips for everyone (not just Mumma's) is to drop the pressure and not give a damn what anyone thinks or says about you. Don’t get caught up in the ‘should’ - get obsessed with joy! Even when life is crazy I make sure I take time out everyday. Blocking out time in my calendar for ‘me time’ and exercise that soothes my mind really helps. And of course, giving thanks everyday!


You have recently started a new exciting business venture! Can you tell us more about it?

The Gratitude Gang is a group of women that support and empower each other to build an online business using social media from home, in and around what they're already doing.  Women lifting up women is so key to success these days and in this business you can't do well without helping others to rise! 


What are your top 3 tips for building an authentic, heart driven business?

 Focus on service, utilise your skills and treat others as you'd like to be treated!


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