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The Health Scoop: Edition 19

Featured in this edition:

  • NUTRITION - 9 Keto-Friendly Snacks That Will Actually Keep You Full from Women’s Health

  • MOVEMENT - 5 Types Of Exercise To Help Boost Your Mental Health from Well + Good

  • LIFESTYLE - Do the Benefits of Alcohol Outweigh the Risks? from Scientific American

  • RECIPE - Mermaid Bowls from Elsa’s Wholesome Life

  • PODCAST - How To Manage Anxiety, Burnout and Overwhelm by Lewis Howes

  • PRODUCT - Frank Green Reusable Cup

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The Health Scoop: Edition 18

Featured in this edition:

  • NUTRITION - Is the Paleo Diet Right for You? from the New York Times

  • MOVEMENT - 15 Minute Fat Burning Workout from Sarah’s Day YouTube

  • LIFESTYLE - Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome? From Darling Magazine

  • RECIPE - Quick and Healthy Nachos from Sam Woods

  • PODCAST - The Balanced Blonde: Ayerveda Meets The West: Bridging The Gap Between Ancient Philosophies And Western Wellness

  • PRODUCT - Brain Dust from Moon Juice

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The Health Scoop: Edition 17

Featured in this edition:

  • NUTRITION - The Ultimate Health Philosophy For Girls Who Hate Trends from Sahara Rose

  • MOVEMENT - The 10-Minute Total-Body Routine from LiveStrong

  • LIFESTYLE - How To Transform Even The Biggest Failure Into Success from Well + Good

  • RECIPE - PB&J Smoothie Bowl from Food Matters

  • PODCAST - Lewis Howes: Mastering Your Body Language

  • PRODUCT - 10% Happier by Dan Harris

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The Health Scoop: Edition 16

Featured in this edition:

  • NUTRITION - Day On A Plate: Elle Macpherson from JS Health

  • MOVEMENT - Strong Abs, Solid Core – Strength & Stability Workout. 6 Moves, Zero Equipment from Move Nourish Believe

  • LIFESTYLE - 9 Things Successful Women Do Before 9AM from The Everygirl

  • RECIPE - Loaded Mexican-Style Sweet Potato Skins from Deliciously Ella

  • PODCAST - Marie Foleo: 3 Science-Backed Habits That Will Help You Live A Longer, Happier Life

  • PRODUCT - Coconut Sea Mist from Herbivore Botanicals

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The Health Scoop: Edition 15

Featured in this edition:

  • NUTRITION - Eat Well, Think Straight: 20 Foods To Improve Mental Health from The Chalk Board

  • MOVEMENT - 6 Fitness Hacks For Busy People from The Body Coach

  • LIFESTYLE - The Importance Of #SelfLove from Sjana

  • RECIPE - Warm Broccoli Salad With Kale, Lime + Roasted Tamari Almonds from The Healthy Chef

  • PODCAST - Highest Self Podcast: Creating More by Doing Less With Sahara Rose

  • PRODUCT - Organic Plant Based Protein + Superfood Blend (Vegan) from At Health Australia

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The Health Scoop: Edition 14

Featured in this edition:

  • MINDFULNESS - A Meditation Exercise For People Who Simply Cannot 'Quiet' Their Minds from Mind Body Green

  • MOVEMENT - 5 Easy Yoga Poses You Should Do Daily from Namastshay

  • LIFESTYLE - How To Thrive In An Unconventional Career Path from A Conscious Collection

  • RECIPE - Fresh Cilantro Corn Salad from Nutrition Stripped

  • PODCAST - Earn Your Happy Podcast With Lori Harder And Special Guest Dave Asprey

  • PRODUCT - Murad Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum from Murad

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