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Source: @karariversphoto

Source: @karariversphoto


5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

A healthy gut = a healthy body and mind. There are so many products and detoxes out there to help to improve the health of your gut but it's hard to know where to start. The Everygirl offers five tips to take the absolute best care of your gut.



Sweet Potato Taco Bowl

Try this delicious and simple Sweet Potato Taco Bowl from My Kitchen Love for lunch or sups. It's full of nutritious vegetables and you can easily change the ingredients to fit with what you have in the fridge/cupboards. There's even vegetarian and vegan options available to suit the masses!

Source:  T  one It Up

Source: Tone It Up


Feeling Sore? The Best Stretches for Every Part Of Your Beautiful Bod

Give your tired muscles some love after training with this stretch routine from Katrina and Karena at Tone It Up. Six simple moves to promote longevity and elasticity in your muscles

Source: Envato

Source: Envato


The 5 Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Did you know that plants have a range of health benefits that make it advantageous for you to have some around the home?  If you can manage to avoid killing them (unlike me!), A Conscious Collection lists some of the best low maintenance plants that can be the perfect addition to any home.



The Tim Ferris Show with Sir Richard Branson

Tim Ferris chats to Sir Richard Branson about resiliance, deal-making, PR stunts, big wins and big losses, healthy habits, favourite books, lessons learned from Nelson Mandela and so much more!



Lee Holmes: Fast Your Way To Wellness

If you want to supercharge your energy and lose weight, check out Lee Holmes' new book. 

"The health benefits of intermittent fasting are powerful and well documented. Dramatically reducing calories on two days per week not only kick-starts weight loss, but also rejuvenates the body’s systems, repairs cells and restores vitality."

Source: Brenda Godinez on Unsplash

Source: Brenda Godinez on Unsplash


Good Fat Avocado Pop-Up

Following on from the success of similar places in New York and Amsterdam, Australia's first avocado pop-up cafe is coming to Sydney. And it'll be avocado everything, seven days a week. Sydneysiders will be able to indulge in creations such as the avocado breakfast skin (an avocado smoothie bowl served in its own skin) and a Cornetto-inspired avo ice cream cone.